About her as a singer:


"Brigitte Schweizer with her alto voice was in a class of her own."

Lahrer Zeitung, 4/22, about her interpretion of "It's oh so quiet, Musikverein, D-Seelbach


"With their interesting program „Quiet Land of Erin – Irische Lieder und Weisen“ Brigitte Schweizer, voice, and Béatrice Scholtes, celtic harp, touched the audience and enthralled them with enthusiasm."
Margrit Balscheit, Kulterverein Läufelfingen, 8. Oktober 2021



About her as an actress:


"As "pastor" and counterpart to "Kellerjoggi" simply brilliant!"

Lorenz K., actor, about her playing the role of the pastor in Jeremia Gotthelf's drama "Geld und Geist", CH-Sissach, August-Sept. 2023


"I admire your great talent and charisma on stage."

Sophie Eglin, actress, about her as "pastor" in Jeremia Gotthelf's drama "Geld und Geist", CH-Sissach, Aug.-Sept. 2023


"I think, Brigitte's acting talent is outstanding." Henning Koehler, actor at the Basle Theatre


"Brigitte has a very special gift of expression and acting. In my opinion she is very talented. Thanks to her parallel singing studies she'll have lot's of chances in the Theatre World as well as for TV and film." Marco Hausammann-Gilardi, stage director & actor, Kreatives Art Theater, Basle


"Her performance was a knock-out!" (John Lannigan-O'Keefe, Ex-journalist for "Opera Australasia and Canada")



About her as a vocal coach for professional singers and actors


"Brigitte helped me to succeed individually. She always tried to find the exact exercise for me, which helped me. She gave me a basic background how to use my voice even for demanding productions with intense use of the singing voice, to keep my voice in a balanced, relaxed and good shape every night. Concerning vocal technique Brigitte is always on a top level. She teaches warm-hearted and with ease. Since I've worked with her, her exercises help me for my daily professional work and give me security to perform on stage or in a movie, to trust my body and to take care of it. Brigitte has an integral way of seeing things, as she realizes every influencing factor on the voice; her coaching was more than a usual vocal coaching. Many thanks for our great cooperation! " 

Philip Butz, actor, November 2021


"Brigitte is the best vocal coach I know - I've learned a lot from her!"

Luka Nozza, singer-songwriter,  finalist  of "Voice of Germany 2019"-contest  (2nd winner), Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany


"I could benefit from the great knowledge of Brigitte's vocal coaching for classical singers. She had solutions and answers for every kind of style, interpretation , musical elements and vocal technique. I warmly can recommend her "   Olga Lukashenko, classical singer*conductor*vocal coach


"Brigitte is very empathic and understands to find out the individual problems. She has a huge knowledge about how the body works while healthy singing and can teach that great. Brigitte is very friendly and you feel very secure. In addition she teaches in performing and interpreting your songs.Great teacher!"   Rika Bender-Loehle, singer/voice teacher, Berlin, July 2019



About her as a vocal coach for choirs


"Her method of vocal coaching was very impressive. I would definitely recommend Brigitte Schweizer to others.“

(Elsbeth Schneider, President of the Choir "Singstimmen Baselland" June 2019)


"Ms.Schweizer's advice was very helpful; now I do have a much better high range."

(A Soprano of the choir "Singstimmen Baselland" June 2019)



About her business coaching:

"Brigitte was my trainer and coach for vocal / speaking lessons. I've been talking a lot to my customers and audiences on both sectors, online and offline, in webinars and during my workshops and trainings. In very view lessons, on the point and in a friendly, professional manner Brigitte trained me - how to use my voice (volume and breathing techniques), speaking-up or slow down. - I re-discovered the bandwidth of my voice. - And - more importantly - I'm now able to talk longer, much more relaxed, with the necessary power (much less than expected). - Brigitte also prepared me for an important interview and for a pitch with an important new customer. I do feel much more comfortable and secure now in using my voice in the necessary way. I can talk longer in time and am more convincing in conversations - by doing less. And in the evening my voice is still very smooth and relaxed and not exhausted anymore. I can highly recommend Brigitte as a vocal trainer for people who talk a lot and want to do it easier, more professional and relaxed. "See less Antje Weltzandt, Career Coach, Social Media Expert, Munich, April 2021