Brigitte Schweizer vocal coach

Be a voice and not an echo!

Anyone can sing! But how?

And who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful, full-sounding speaking voice?


Using healthy breathing and vocal techniques I can help you discover your personal voice.


As an experienced singer and actress I have spent many years coaching beginners, advanced singers, as well as professional singers in all genres (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Musical Theater). As a basis I use the well-proven Belcanto method, the functional vocal method, as well as speaking techniques and body work on a sound physiological basis.


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Ian, 45, Informatiker, Bartenheim (Schüler)

Brigitte is an exceptionally capable teacher. I feel very lucky to have her guidance. She is always very positive and brings good energy to every lesson. Her teaching style works very well and I feel I have already learnt a lot. I look forward to the next batch of lessons.




photo: Julia Wagenseil