Brigitte Schweizer vocal coach


Anyone can sing! But how?

And who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful, full-sounding speaking voice?


Using healthy breathing and vocal techniques I can help you discover your personal voice.


As an experienced singer and actress I have spent many years coaching beginners, advanced singers, as well as professional singers in all genres (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Musical Theater). As a basis I use the well-proven Belcanto method, the functional vocal method, as well as speaking techniques and body work on a sound physiological basis.


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Sandra, 37, Switzerland

Brigitte has an unbelievable knowledge of different methods. In each lesson I always learn something new and she explains the exercises in a way that I can easily implement myself. There are a lot of „aha“ moments that help me improve, especially when I’m practicing at home. She treats the voice with care and it is never pushed. Brigitte is always friendly and affable. During the lessons it’s clear that she is a passionate singer. Since I’ve started singing with Brigitte, I enjoy it even more than before. :-)