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A healthy, full-sounding speaking voice is a guarantee for a confident performance.


For anyone who uses their voice professionally, such as managers, pastors, teachers, and speech therapists I offer courses and single lessons in breathing and body training, performance training, and speech education. Upon request I can help you prepare for a specific lecture or speech and /or daily situations



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"In my vocal coachings with Brigitte I appreciate a lot, that thanks to her breathing and posture exercises she helps me a lot o optimize my vocal resonances for my speeking voice. In our lessons I felt very motivated by her effective and various exercises, with which I could improve my declamation."

C., musician, Basle, September 2023


"I really can recommend Brigitte. She has a very integral way of viewing things and focuses on many aspects of body posture and breathing coordination, which is very important for everybody, who needs a good voice professionally."

João, 43, Unternehmensberater, Dez. 22


"Within six months I've booked regular vocal, speech and stage trainings with Brigitte Schweizer. In my opinion her great professional expertise and her friendly and cooperative way of her coaching is very positive. She could give me helpful exerises with which I could work at home. I also could prepare important professional interviews and lectures with her.

I really can recommend her very much." M.Z., teacher, Basle, 7/22


 "I had to prepare important speeches for a big public within a short time. Brigitte could answer all my questions very precisely and helped me to find the right exercises, with which I could have an optimal preparation."

Youcinema AG Olten, director Konrad Schibli,5/2021


"Brigitte was my trainer and coach for vocal / speaking lessons. I've been talking a lot to my customers and audiences on both sectors, online and offline, in webinars and during my workshops and trainings. In very view lessons, on the point and in a friendly, professional manner Brigitte trained me - how to use my voice (volume and breathing techniques), speaking-up or slow down. - I re-discovered the bandwidth of my voice. - And - more importantly - I'm now able to talk longer, much more relaxed, with the necessary power (much less than expected). -


Brigitte also prepared me for an important interview and for a pitch with an important new customer. I do feel much more comfortable and secure now in using my voice in the necessary way. I can talk longer in time and am more convincing in conversations - by doing less. And in the evening my voice is still very smooth and relaxed and not exhausted anymore. I can highly recommend Brigitte as a vocal trainer for people who talk a lot and want to do it easier, more professional and relaxed. "See less


Antje Weltzandt, Career Coach, Munich, April 2021