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A healthy, full-sounding speaking voice is a guarantee for a confident performance.


For anyone who uses their voice professionally, such as managers, pastors, teachers, and speech therapists I offer courses and single lessons in breathing and body training, performance training, and speech education. Upon request I can help you prepare for a specific lecture or speech and /or daily situations



I'll invite you to watch my interview with Klaus Walheim, for "OnlineOnStage, 17-02-22 (in German language)

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"Brigitte was my trainer and coach for vocal / speaking lessons. I've been talking a lot to my customers and audiences on both sectors, online and offline, in webinars and during my workshops and trainings. In very view lessons, on the point and in a friendly, professional manner Brigitte trained me - how to use my voice (volume and breathing techniques), speaking-up or slow down. - I re-discovered the bandwidth of my voice. - And - more importantly - I'm now able to talk longer, much more relaxed, with the necessary power (much less than expected). - Brigitte also prepared me for an important interview and for a pitch with an important new customer. I do feel much more comfortable and secure now in using my voice in the necessary way. I can talk longer in time and am more convincing in conversations - by doing less. And in the evening my voice is still very smooth and relaxed and not exhausted anymore. I can highly recommend Brigitte as a vocal trainer for people who talk a lot and want to do it easier, more professional and relaxed. "See less


Antje Weltzandt, Career Coach, Munich, April 2021