Brigitte Schweizer vocal studio

For many years now I have been coaching singers of varying levels and backgrounds - from beginner to professional, from classical to pop music.


At the Swiss Academy for Music Pedagogy (SAMP) I spent many years instructing classical students majoring in Voice as well as Method-Didactic Voice from Lehrdiplom to concert-ready. From 2012 until 2019 I’ve been working as an instructor for students majoring in Voice at the Hochschule Macromedia, Campus Freiburg / Germany. As of 2014 this included the International Program.


My natural, genre-independent method is based on the principles of physiology and Belcanto, as well as Cornelius Reid’s functional phonation, breathing and body work methods from F.M. Alexander, M. Feldenkrais, the Supraleitung Method of Edit Siegfried-Szabo,  mental techniques and interpretation work.My speciality is to offer you technical help, if you struggle with vocal problems.



  • vailable in German, English, or French.
  • various pricing options and special packages
  • online or one-to-one lessons


Trial lesson for a reduced price.

Vocal Studios:

  • Vocal Studio Basel, Davidsbodenstr. 17
  • Vocal Studio Läufelfingen, Nähe Olten  
  • Online Vocal Studio
    tools: facetime, zoom, skype,, teams