Hobby singer


Have you always wanted to sing? Together we go on a journey to discover your personal singing voice.


I will show you how to breathe properly, use your body as an instrument to resonate, and how you can achieve a full, beautiful-sounding singing voice. Using breathing, body, and vocal exercises selected specifically for you.


Then together we select a repertoire from Classical to Jazz, Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, and Folk which you like and brings you joy to sing.


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Felicia Teng, piano student, Nov. 2019

"I had voice lessons with Brigitte for a few months and it was a great experience! Brigitte is patient, encouraging, and very well-versed with vocal techniques. She is flexible with vocal exercises and I have learnt a lot from her. "    


Ian, 45, hobby singer (Rock-Pop), F-Bartenheim              

"Brigitte is an exceptionally capable teacher. I feel very lucky to have her guidance. She is always very positive and brings good energy to every lesson. Her teaching style works very well and I feel I have already learned a lot. I look forward to the next batch of lessons."